Manual installation of Android apps into a phone/tablet

An Android app is a single file with the '.apk' extension also known as APK.
When installing an app from your official store you don't see the file because all the processes (download and install) are managed by the Android operating system.
In some cases, like unofficial downloads or downloads from stores different from the phone default one, you may have to install the APK manually.
This tutorial will explain how to do that.

1 - Download or transfer the APK to your mobile device

I suggest to download the APK to your computer and check it with an antivirus before install.
Apps downloaded from my pages are safe as they are the same uploaded to Google Play app store.
If the APK comes in a zipped archive, unzip it on the PC.
Transferring the file to the device is quite simple: choose from Bluetooth or usb cable.

Bluetooth: assuming the device is already paired with the PC and bluetooth is turned ON just right click the file and choose Send to bluetooth.

A window should pop up to let you choose one of the paired device or discover a new one.
Choose the device and, on it, accept the file. Wait for transfer complete. If something goes wrong try it again.
In some cases (usually on tablets) APK files aren't accepted with bluetooth transfer, in this case you can simply rename the file (e.g. somefile.apk to somefile.png) and try again. When the transfer is completed the file must be renamed as it was before , of course, on the device side.

USB: connect the device to the PC and choose a folder on it or create a new one. Drag and drop the APK from the PC to that folder.
I suggest to use the 'download' folder if exist (see image).

Usb file transfer
Transfer from pc

2 - Install the APK

Once the APK is on the device follow these simple steps to complete the installation:

File manager: Using your preferred file manager app or the default file manager locate the transferred APK file on the device.
Click on the APK to start the installation.

file manager Navigate to the APK

Unknown sources: If you haven't done it before, a warning dialog should appear and you can't proceed further without allowing installation from unknown sources. Click on Settings.
The Security settings window will appear, scroll up to 'unknown sources' and enable it.
Depending on the operating system version another dialog window could appear and ask you for another confirmation. Press Ok.
Finally you should now have 'unknown sources ' enabled.

Unknown sources dialog Security window Security dialog Unknown sources enabled

Complete the installation: Press the Back key to go back to the installation window and click Install.
If closing the Security window will not bring you back to the app installation use the file manager to start it again.

Install the app

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