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Arduino 4WD Rover & IRacer Advanced BT controller 5.20M build 20200412


Advanced remote control for the Arduino DIY 4WD Rover & I-Racer android car

Advanced bluetooth remote controller for the I-RACER android controlled car toy (you can find on some internet hobby store...) & Arduino
From version V4.00M the app supports Arduino with built-in tutorial to make your own DIY arduino Rover. Open the menu and click on Arduino Rover tutorial to send sketch, schematic and other useful info to your computer.
Supported languages: English, Polish, French, Spanish, German, Italian.
Note for version 2.20M and above: if you get trouble with the new settings menu please go to your phone/tablet setting, click applications, click on -IRacer advanced then click delete data and cache. This will delete old saved app data and fix problems.

Features: One joystick mode for drive & steering with only one finger in portrait mode.
Two sliders for drive & steering with 2 fingers, multitouch in landscape mode.
Accelerometer mode (for supported devices, may not work for all).
Themes for landscape layout.
Add the flag to your I-Racer: new menu to share the flag to a PC in order to print it!.
Experimental voice control (be patient...), it needs internet connection to work.
You can say commands in english (USA), touch the screen to return to normal mode.
Arduino fully supported with built-in free open source sketch and schematic: build your own Rover arduino based!!!.
Starting from version 5.00 the app supports more profiles with different settings and a new settings section.

Please read full changelog and info in the About... menu.
Menu with advanced settings, settings saved at exit & loaded at startup For phone and tablets.
I can develop a similar (or the same app) for other specific bluetooth controlled gadget if the communication protocol is known. Please email for that.
Also help in translation to other languages are welcome!

Changelog (English only)


Last version: 5.20M build 20200412

V5.20M build 20200412
Removed Advertising

V5.19 build 20190923
Android 9 compliant
Improved layouts
Updated internal libraries

V5.17 build 20181230
Fixed a bug while sharing the Arduino Tutorial

V5.15 build 20180504
About section renewed
Bug fixes on bluetooth side
Updates to comply with Google's permissions policy
Bug fixes and internal improvements

V5.11 build 20171008
Updated the Arduino built-in tutorial to support both HC-05 and HC-06 Bluetooth modules

V5.10 build 20170911
Improved Bluetooth connection sequence
New dialogs
Bug Fixes

V5.05 build 20170409
Bug fixes based on crash reports

V5.03 build 20170218
Reduced Ads impact
Improved code
Added privacy link

V5.02 2016-10-30
Fixed some texts
Updated tutorial (New arduino code)

V5.01 2016-10-16
Fixed a bug with voice control now showing correctly on some devices
Fixed some texts

New settings menu with separate profiles for iracer, arduino & arduino custom (could be a second arduino device)
Improved user interface with new menu
Start BT connection touching the BT icon on the app
Updated portrait and landscape themes
Updated Arduino code and Arduino rover tutorial, now the app can show incoming messages from Arduino
Improved accelerometer mode


Video with the IRacer bluetooth controlled toy

Watch a short video on Youtube

Video with the DIY Bluetooth controlled Arduino Rover

Watch a short video on Youtube

Video with another DIY Arduino Rover, thanks to Martina

Watch a short video on Youtube

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